DanceMyWay style classes - Brazilian Samba and Latin Jazz

Fisica is the proud provider of DanceMyWay style classes, created and taught by award winning, celebrity dance teacher Monika Molnar, from Pineapple Dance Studios in London.  Monika founded DanceMyWay over ten years ago and gained a reputation for being one of the best technical and most creative Latin dancers in London.  Her elegant and  technical Brazilian Samba along with her unique creation of Latin Jazz have inspired many dancers around Europe.   Monika has won several awards for the best Brazilian dance teacher in the UK, and her academy has won best Brazilian dance school. For more information about DanceMyWay Company, please click here.

DanceMyWay style Latin Jazz and Brazilian Samba classes are now taught in Melbourne by Sophie Contreras, who is fully trained in the DanceMyWay La Core technical style. Sophie taught for DanceMyWay at Pineapple Dance Studios  in London and performed regularly with the DanceMyWay company in  Europe during her time in London.

 Classes are currently held in Prahran, Melbourne. If you want to learn an international technique to develop elegance and style in your dancing, please come along!  Please click through for more information on Brazilian Samba and Latin Jazz