Every Monday Brazilian Samba Dance Classes in Melbourne

Drop-in Beginners class

7 - 8pm

The main focus of this class is to learn the basic samba no pe step.  We drill the basics each week covering basic footwork, hip action and increasing speed.  We also cover some other simple moves to put together a short combo at the end of the class.  This class is aimed at beginners however many of our intermediate dancers attend to practice their basic samba.

Drop-in Intermediate class

8 - 9pm

This class is aimed at dancers who have mastered the basic samba no pe step to speed and can keep up with choreography.  The basic step is not broken down at this level, however we drill body movement, hip action, speed and other fundamental samba technique, breaks and moves.  We always do a combo the second half of the class which is built upon over 3-4 weeks.  

Classes are on every Monday, including public holidays,  with the exception of  Easter and Christmas time.

Payment is taken through the Space.  Please click here for casual class payment options