As well as performance courses, Fisica Dance also offers competition training.  Our biggest competition is in Brisbane at the end of each year:  The World Salsa Solo which is a Latin Dance competition. In 2019 it will be held Dec 5-8.

Competitions are an excellent way to improve your dancing and performance ability.  Competitions are exciting and challenging, but require serious commitment and are only for those who really can commit the time, money and energy to the process. 

Training will commence in August, timetable coming soon, please contact us any time with expressions of interest.


-Amateur team: open to intermediate and advanced student dancers who have never been paid to perform or teach any style of dancing. All competitors must attend the Intermediate performance course for Dance to Freedom as the choreography and costumes will be the same.

-Open team: for dancers who have previously been paid for dance teaching or performing, or advanced students who are invited into this team. Must attend the advanced performance course as the choreography and costumes will be the same.

Solos/Pro-Ams and duets:

If you are interested in a further challenge, doing a solo, a duet, a Pro-Am (duet with your teacher) is a sure fire way to improve your dance and performance ability!  It's an extremely rewarding process and a wonderful feeling to put yourself out of your comfort zone and perform.  If you are interested in doing a samba solo or a duet with a friend or your teacher at this year's event, please get in touch so we can plan!