Pilates in Kensington Gardens London with APPI 

What is Pilates?  

 *Private health insurance rebate possible*

Pilates is a mind body exercise that everyone can benefit from.  Whether you want to improve your posture, strength, mobility, or just clear your mind and get away from your desk, Pilates has much to offer you!  Pilates will greatly enhance your body awareness, focusing on posture, alignment, core strength (including abdominals, back and gluteals) as well as fluidity and ease of movement.  After regular practice you may notice you have less aches and pains as your body starts to move more efficiently.  Attend Pilates to experience the mix of control, strength and mobility based exercises to leave you feeling centred.

Why Fisica Pilates?

Fisica offers Pilates in your home for individuals or small groups.  Sophie is a Physiotherapist fully trained in Pilates through the internationally recognised Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.  You may also be eligible for a private health insurance rebate (please read below).  All Pilates clients undergo a 1:1 assessment prior to participating in Pilates to ensure that the Pilates session is tailored to your specific needs.  You will also receive a bespoke programme to practice in your own time at home in between sessions to get the most  from your Pilates training.

Pilates with APPI In London

Fisica Pilates can help improve:

  • Tone and strength
  • Overall fitness
  • Posture
  • Body awareness
  • Control 
  • Correct muscle activation and timing
  • Balance & coordination
  • Mobility and ease of movement

Health Insurance rebate

As Sophie is a Physiotherapist providing Pilates, you may be eligible for a rebate through your private health fund if you have an extras policy. Your health fund will be able to give you more information.